New Projects

  • All carpets throughout the complex have been shampooed.
  • Siding has been added to the clubhouse.  This is a cost saving measure.  We will no longer have to paint the back of the clubhouse plus the siding insulates the clubhouse and cuts down on energy costs.
  • In an ongoing effort to reduce our costs we are installing LED lighting throughout the complex.  This lighting will increase the lighting in the complex in addition to cutting our costs down.  Our ComEd bill in Jan. 2015 was about $5,000 with the change in lighting it has been reduced to about $3,000.  This is a huge savings and will continue to decrease as we change out more lighting.
  • We hired a new towing company.
  • Three Security Cameras have been replaced

Keep the Property Clean

Please help us keep up the cleanliness of our buildings and grounds.   Please do not litter in the hallways, parking lot, courtyard areas or anywhere on the complex.    We all need to do our part to keep the property looking good. ANYONE THAT DOES NOT PICK UP AFTER THEIR DOG WILL BE FINED $100.00.

Don’t Risk Being Towed! 

All vehicles must display the new Willow Heights parking sticker.

Our New Towing Company

Northwest Recovery

Phone #847-255-7360

They have agreed to do the following for only $5.00:

1)         Lockouts
2)         Jump-starts
3)         Tire Changes